Quiche with smoked salmon, asparagus and chèvre

This is a recipe for a really tasty French quiche with smoked salmon, asparagus and chèvre. Salmon provides omega-3 and the asparagus is really good for the antioxidant system. The crust is also healthy with low carb, low GI, and gluten free flour.

Quiche with smoked salmon, asparagus and Chèvre


2 eggs
50 g cream cheese natural
20 g butter
3 tablespoons coconut flour
1 tablespoon almond flour
1 dl grated cheese
2 teaspoons husk fiber
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Mix all the ingredients together. Roll the dough between two pieces of plastic wrap until it’s large enough for a quiche tin (20-25 cm). Remove the top piece of plastic wrap and place the dough into the greased quiche tin. If you don’t have a quiche tin, you can use a regular cake tin as I have done. Remove excess dough and bake the crust for 10-15 minutes.

Quiche crust, low carb - gluten freeFilling:

4 eggs
2 dl cream
100 g smoked salmon
100 g chèvre
5 asparagus
Salt and pepper

Mix together eggs and cream, salt and pepper. Place half of the chèvre cheese at the bottom of the crust, then half of the salmon. Pour in the egg mixture. Cut the asparagus in half lengthwise and put on top. Add the rest of the salmon and the rest of the cheese. Bake the quiche at 150 degrees Celsius for approximately 40 minutes. Take it out from oven and let it cool.


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