Cosmopolitan with a twist

This ruby red, sweet-tart cocktail combines homemade sugar free citrus simple syrup, lime juice, vodka and deep-red pomegranate juice. This is my seasonal version of the classic cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan with a twist


Serves: 2
Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

2,4 fl. Oz. (8 cl.) vodka
0,7 fl. Oz. (2 cl.) citrus simple syrup*
4,7 fl. Oz. (14 cl.) pomegranate juice **
Juice from 2 limes
4-6 ice cubes

In a cocktail shaker, pour in the pomegranate juice, the lime juices and the citrus simple syrup. Add ice and Vodka and shake well. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with lime.Cosmopolitan with a twist

* Sugar free simple sugar is made by combining 3 fl. Oz. (9cl) water, one tablespoon tagatesse and one teaspoon lime- or lemon zest, then bring it to a soft simmer for 5 minutes to infuse.

** You get the best taste with freshly pressed sweet pomegranate juice. This is how made it. Run a knife just under the skin from the top and down on all 4 sides. Fill a large bowl with water, and while you hold the pomegranate under water, press your thumbs in to tear the pomegranate into 4 wedges. Now fold the pomegranate wedges open to reveal all the gems. Still holding it under water, use your fingers to loosen or flick of the gems. Cosmopolitan with a twistWhen you’re finished, strain of the water and pour the gems into a double food safe plastic bag. Remove the air from inside the bag and close the bag with a clip. Use a rolling pin to break all the gems, check with your hands if you’ve got them all. It feels like bubble wrap. Cosmopolitan with a twistNow simply strain, and you have the freshest pomegranate juice possible. Drink it as it is or try a pomegranate cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan with a twist

© – 2014


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