Welcome to end of pain, a blog about healthy food.

The blog started out as an endometriosis diet for reducing pain, but since the food and the diet fits for all I will focus more on general health.

My name is Mari, I live in Norway, but also spend a lot of tine in France.  I’m a health and diet freelance writer, and I’m the author and recipe developer behind this blog; end of pain. End of pain is mostly a low glycemic, low carb, gluten free, high antioxidant and omega-3: omega-6 balanced food blog.

After years with endometriosis, adenomyosis and chronic pain I discovered that certain foods affect pain, and that’s when I got the idea to study this further. I have a Master degree in Biochemistry with specialization in diet, inflammation and pain. I have followed this diet for over two years and the pain is reduced from almost every day to now only one-two- three days a month.

What I want with the blog end of pain is to provide readers with creative and tasty dishes that can help the body reduce inflammation and pain. This diet is suitable for anyone with inflammatory diseases, pain disorders, diabetics and for anyone who wants to be a little bit healthier. And if you were to get a little leaner in the process it’s just a bonus!

I have no formal culinary training, but all the jobs I’ve had over the years has been about food. I’ve been through everything from flipping burgers, doing catering for weddings and confirmations, and been a food stylist on TV commerical shoots, and much, much more. When I cook I do almost everything my own way. I have always loved cooking and I have discovered that with a little ingenuity almost all recipes can be made ​​into healthy treats without sacrificing too much on taste. For example I think almond pasta is better than no pasta at all, and there are alternatives like this to most foods or dishes you should avoid, you just have to be a little creative and try and fail.

You can also follow me on instagram.com/endometriosisdiet




  1. I came across your blog via Pure Wow and I am so delighted to have found this site. I would like to share your link with my family and friends. I think your information would help them. Thank you!

  2. Mary Heinemann

    Good mornig I am new to your site and am half way through making your delicious chocolate mousse cake. My problem is I do not know how to change your tbs measurements to grams. Please help me. I live in Italy and we don’t have table spoons. Grazie

  3. Hi Mari – thanks for your work here – I love your background and specialised approach to choosing ingredients! I too have completely managed disease with food and avoid taking medication – at the same time, I feel better than ever, so I am very grateful for discovering how powerful food can be. I love forward to your posts! xx Laura

  4. Randi Enoksen

    Takk Mari for din tålmodighet,kreativitet og ståpåvilje.Jeg vet at dette har krevd mye tid og bruk av ingredienser. Jeg nyter godene av ditt arbeid. I kveld har vi spist en super pai.Denne bunnen er topp. Og sandwishen! Trenger ikke hvitt brød til noe så godt. Klem fra Svigermor.

    • Hei Randi,

      Tusen takk, så hyggelig! Veldig koselig å høre at du setter pris på oppskriftene.

      Følg med om en ukes tid, nå holder jeg på med en oppskrift jeg tipper kommer til å falle i smak hos deg 😉

      Klem Mari

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