Endometriosis and diet

Endometriosis is a chronic estrogen dependent inflammatory disease where part of the lining of the uterus has attached itself elsewhere than in the uterus. These cells have the same receptors as the normal endometrium, but in a higher concentration, and they are controlled by the same hormones. This causes microscopic internal bleeding and an inflammatory response to remove the blood. These lesions or implants can also lead to new blood vessels formation (angiogenesis), fibrosis formation and adhesions.

Symptoms are severe pain before and during menstrual periods, pain during ovulation and in severe cases, chronic pain. It is common with low energy levels, fatigue and exhaustion, nausea, low fever and in severe cases, infertility.

Prognosis and medical treatment. There is no cure for the endometriosis. Medical treatment consists of hormone drugs that aim to lower estrogen levels, or surgical removal of implants and adhesions, or hysterectomy. Otherwise are painkillers the only solution for pain relief.

The reason I recommend  to use diet as a “medicine” is that there are so many side effects of hormone preparations, for example loss of bone density and blood clots, or the desire to start a family. Pain medication also has several side effects, and is especially harmful when taken long term such as for chronic pain. Surgical removal actually provides the opportunity for more adhesions and it is likely that it does not work, or worse.

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